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Charity Spotlight: Chica Project

As part of our Box Not Found: Stories concert coming up this Sunday, we will be collecting donations for the Boston-based organization, Chica Project.

Founded in 2011, the organization has the goal to develop a strength-based youth leadership program that was rooted in cultural competency and the celebration of Latino culture.  After moving to Boston from Florida in 1993, founder Nurys Camargo witnessed an overwhelming need and opportunity to align a growing network of Latina leaders with first-generation Latinas living in the Commonwealth’s most underserved communities, which ultimately sparked her desire to form Chica Project.

Chica Project serves young Latinas and other Women of Color who have been systematically disconnected from economic opportunity, resulting in limited access to education, financial stability, social capital, political power, and sufficient human services. Through programs such as the Empowerment Institute, Queens Rise, and UWander, they address this opportunity divide by providing young, urban Latinas who are growing up in communities disconnected from economic opportunity and influence with access to intergenerational mentorship, professional employment experience, and leadership development.

We hope that you’ll come out to our performance this Sunday and support this cause!  If you would like to find out more about Chica Project, see the information below:

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