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Composer Spotlight: Diana Marcela Rodriguez

The second composer spotlight for our Box Not Found: Home program features Colombian composer, Diana Marcela Rodriguez. We are really excited to premiere her work for violin, clarinet and electronics 'waca' and pair it along with an arrangement of the traditional Colombian song, 'Predestinación', for clarinet and tablature.  

Natalie met Diana at the Cortona Sessions for New Music in Cortona, Italy. Kevin also met her while performing with Sound Icon during her time as their social media manager. We have been wanting to work with more Latin composers, so collaborating with Diana was something we wanted to pursue. We presented our program idea, and lucky for us, she was up for the project.

As we prepare for the premiere of her music on April 28th, 6pm at Make Shift Boston, we asked Diana some questions surrounding the idea of 'home." 

Q1. What is home?

A: Maybe, home is a place and/ or a community one belongs to. I used to think it was Bogotá, my hometown. But after 12 years living in the States, I don't have a community or a place where I feel I can belong. I struggle with the word: home. I honestly forgot how it feels like. I always put aside the thought of belonging somewhere because it saddens me to realize that I actually don't belong anywhere. I hang somewhere in the between places. You see I lived in Miami for 8 years where I was considered too Colombian. I lack "the Cuban Spark." I still don't know what that means. Am I not loud enough? Do I roll my rr's too hard? is it because I call a bus a bus instead of guagua? Miami lacks the mountains, the thin air, and the hectic movement of a city like Bogotá. Then, I moved to Boston. Here, I'm too Latina. I miss el cafecito, the a/c, driving through Brickell or to the beach, and the heat with its horrible humidity. When I visit Colombia, I'm too white. Too gringa. There, I'm on time, and I find myself waiting at least half an hour to meet my friends haha! In Bogotá, doing some stupid transaction in a bank is hard af. It drives me insane. Now, that I think about it. Home seems to be a perpetual state of missing places and or communities that I've lived in for a bit.

Q2. Where is home?

A: I guess home is wherever I join my parents for Christmas. 

Q3. Outside of social media, what are you doing to better your home?

A: Sometimes I cook Colombian arepas for breakfast for my roommate, and boyfriend. 

Q4. One thing about your home that you can celebrate

A: I celebrate long naps. Sometimes I nap with my cat and my boyfriend (It is far nicer when we all three share the bed), or when my roommate is playing video games, I fall to sleep watching him. When I'm at my parents', I take naps in their bed, usually my mom is around watching tv. It is about the peace I feel when I'm with them. I feel safe. 

Q5. How would you like to see your home improve?

A: Stability. I want to settle. I don't wanna think about moving frequently. I want to know what home feels like again.


Photo Credit: Alejandria Artiles

Photo Credit: Alejandria Artiles