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Composer Spotlight: Aaron Jay Myers

Just a couple more weeks until we kick off our Box Not Found: Home concert at Make Shift Boston!  As a part of this program, we have commissioned two works by friend and composer Aaron Jay Myers.  These include 'own your own shadow,' and an arrangement of a traditional American tune, 'The Coo Coo Bird,' both written for violin and bass clarinet.  

Born and raised in Baltimore, Aaron is currently living in Malden and has been Boston-based for nearly a decade.  Natalie and Kevin met Aaron during their studies at the Boston Conservatory, where Aaron received his MM in Composition, and they have been involved in numerous collaborations together throughout the years, including Equilibrium Concert Series and Zyzzyx.  Leading up to the concert, we have asked Aaron some questions surrounding the theme and idea of home.  We’re super excited to present his music to you all at our performance at Make Shift Boston on April 28 @ 6PM!

Q1. & Q2. What/Where is home?
A: My parents divorced when I was 4, so I bounced around from home to home and area to area. Practically speaking, home has always been where my stuff is. On a very personal level, home is wherever my awesome, loving, supportive wife, Nicole, is. And more abstractly speaking, music is my home. I'm from Baltimore, so Baltimore and the surrounding areas do still have a sense of home for me. However, I've lived in the Boston area for almost 9 years, and it’s where I built my career, got married, etc, so the Boston area is the location that currently feels like home. On a bigger scale, the United States is my home.

Q3. Outside of social media, what are you doing to better your home?
A: Well, it depends on which part of my answer above I'm addressing, but I'll stick to location I suppose. On a day-to-day, personal level, I just try to be a good person and treat other with the respect and courtesy that I want to treated with. On a broader political and social spectrum, I vote, I call representatives if needed, and I protest injustices through my music. 

Q4. One thing about home that you can celebrate.
A: Though certainly not without its flaws, I celebrate the generally fantastic and thriving new music community in the Boston area.

Q5. How would you like to see your home improve?
A: Speaking about the United States, there is WAY too much that needs to improve for me to list here. Let's just say that on a big scale, I sincerely hope to see a drastic move towards logic, reason, compassion, and empathy.


Photo Credit: Jennifer Bewerse

Photo Credit: Jennifer Bewerse

Be sure to check out Aaron’s website and his other projects to learn more about him and his work!