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Charity Spotlight: Music For Food & Crossroads Family Shelter

As part of the second performance of our Box Not Found: Home program coming up this Sunday at the Boston Sculptors Gallery's Second Sunday Concert Series, we will be collecting donations for the Crossroads Family Shelter's food pantry in East Boston, in collaboration with the Boston-based organization, Music For Food.

Since 2010, Music For Food, founded and directed by violist Kim Kashkashian, has been a musician-led initiative that seeks to utilize the talents and training of musicians to help serve the local communities that they live and work in.  To date, they have generated over 450,000 meals through donations made at their organized concerts, which have gone to serve more than a dozen hunger-relief organizations throughout the Boston area.  Since its founding, musicians throughout the country have picked up on this movement and have hosted benefit performances to support their own local communities, reaching cities like New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C.

Music For Food's principles are very much in line with our ongoing mission of serving and blessing the greater community through our performances.  In collaboration with Music For Food, we will be donating all proceeds from our performance this Sunday to the Crossroads Family Shelter's food pantry in East Boston.

The Crossroads Family Shelter is home to 27 families, as well as serving as a support to 12 other families scattered throughout East Boston.  They provide various services, including case management, re-housing, financial and parental support, self-sufficiency workshops, and emergency food provisions.  Through their efforts, the food pantry is able to provide 120 bags of food a week to over 400 different families within East Boston each year.

We're really looking forward to this performance, and we hope that you all can join us to support this amazing cause!

Charity Spotlight: The Ellie Fund

As part of our Box Not Found: Home concert coming up this Saturday, we will be collecting donations for the Massachusetts-based organization, The Ellie Fund.


Since 1995, the organization, named after founder Jeff Popkin’s mother, Eleanor, who passed away in 1987 following a battle with breast cancer that lasted over fifteen years, seeks to provide services and assistance to breast cancer patients residing in and/or receiving treatment in Massachusetts.  While there have been countless advances in the effectiveness of breast cancer treatment over the last few decades, and while we are certainly blessed to live in a state like Massachusetts that has some of the best healthcare resources in the world, The Ellie Fund recognizes that the need for services that relieve the financial and emotional burden of patients and their families has remained unchanged.

Through their efforts, they are able to provide free-of-charge services to hundreds of breast cancer patients throughout Massachusetts, including grocery assistance, transportation, light housekeeping, childcare reimbursement, prepared meals, and therapy services.

We hope that you’ll come out to our performance this Saturday and support this wonderful cause!  If you would like to find out more about The Ellie Fund, see the information below:

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